You have to clean your flat iron because in the end the thermal plates accumulate oils and other substances that is why you will need to clean your hair straightener.

In addition to being unsightly curling it looks it also can cause uneven heating of plates, and thus the defective hair straightening. If curling accumulated quite a lot of this substance, it can cause hair breakage and split ends. Cleaning the ironing can be quite challenging because of the V-shaped and flat metal surface of the heater, but it is possible. The last time I talked about how to clean a fireplace, now let’s analyze in detail how to clean the flat iron:


  • A small towel
  • Warm Water
  • Your Flat Iron
  • Cotton Swab
  • Rubbing Alcohol (Optional)
1. Heat your flat iron and let it be little cool. It should be warm but not too hot to touch.
2. Turn off the curling iron from the mains before you start cleaning.
3. Moisten small towel in warm water. Do not use only hot water or only cold. It should be just warm. With one finger, gently rub the one plate in the place where there is mud. Avoid sudden movements on ceramic plates, so that you do not to scratch them or damage.
4. Carefully wipe the plates and be sure to remove them from the whole plate. You can use a cotton swab, but you can use the towel to remove plaque from difficult angles
5. It is clear from the plaque and the body of curling iron or Flat iron that how much cleaning is required. You can use fresh face towels as needed.
6. Before use, be sure to wait to iron is completely dried out. In any case do not use Flat Iron while it is wet. It is not dangerous, you just cannot do this for the same reason that you cannot straighten wet hair, you will end up with damaged or burned hair.
7 In order make sure that your iron does not get very dirty, clean it regularly. After you straighten your hair, use a paper towel or cloth. Moisten it with warm water or alcohol and wipe the plate. Do this every time after straightening and then you can avoid the accumulation of plaque.


  • If you use your Flat Iron curling, be sure to wipe it completely, not only the plate.
  • If the plaque is so tight and so badly burnt that you cannot clean it, do not try to scrape your curling iron with full force, but merely take it to your hairdresser. Usually barbers have a special tool for cleaning irons. Ask him to sprinkle it means your iron is not to buy a whole bottle of it means.
  • Use a little alcohol mixed with warm water for persistent deposits.
  • The next time, dear friends, I invite you to familiarize yourself with the cleaning sponge.


  • Make sure your iron is switched off and unplugged before cleaning.
  • Hold the fork away from liquids and in any case not completely submerge your curling iron in the water.
  • Do this away from children. A heated curling keep in the zone do not reach for children.
  • Do not use household cleaners. They can scratch the surface of the wafer for rectification, and they are generally not required.