20 Best flat irons 2019| Top Hair Straightener Reviews Guide

Jan 17, 2019 |

We all want to have clean, shiny hair with a perfect hairstyle. But for most women, it is impossible to go to the hairdresser on a daily basis, both for the price and for the time it would entail. However, it is possible to achieve a smooth and straightening effect without using chemicals; and that too without having to spend a fortune on hairdressing. The answer is a Hair Straightener or Flat Iron. 

With a hair straightener and a minimum of expertise (very little, really), you can have straight hair. The key is to choose a flat iron in 2019 that offers guarantees that it will take care of your hair. When working with heating appliances you can easily damage the hair, and you can even burn your hair if your straightener is not well insulated. That’s why we have prepared this list of best flat irons 2019 that will help you improve your hair styling options without compromising the health of your hair.

If you have started to see the signs that your hair tools are in need of replacement then you can start digging to find the best one. Now, we present our list of Top 10 Best Flat Irons of 2019. 

10 Best Flat Irons Comparison Table 






Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Styling Iron


$$$$ (Best Option)


HSI Professional Hair Straightener


$$$ (Latest Technology)


Bio Ionic OnePass Hair Straightener 1.5 Inches




BaByliss IPro Slim


$$ (Cheapest Option)


Remington Keratin Therapy Pro




Remington Pearl




Braun Satin Hair 7 Senso Care




Corioliss C3




GHD Gold Max




List of Top 20 Best Hair Straighteners For 2019 

Are you interested in knowing which are the best hair straighteners that can play an important role in your hair styling? 

If you still do not know which model to buy, choose any of our classifications according to your budget and you will be not losing your hard earned money.

01. Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Styling Iron

Ever desired a product which is multi-optional and can deliver the results in minutes-you have come to the right place. The new Karmin G3 Salon Pro can shape your hair like no other; it can curl, flip, straighten and adds more volume to your precious hair. G3 is the best option available for you and your daily hair doing needs. It can be used by professionals and the people who want to use at home, it delivers results with its state of the art quick heating technology with an output of sleek & shiny hair.  

This is one of the best hair straighteners. Karmin G3 has some amazing features and is made of quality material. It is made of 100% pure black tourmaline which is basically a semi-precious stone. It is also made of 100% pure ceramic, thus making it a wonderful and professional hair styling tool. It is also easy to handle and can be handled perfectly by amateurs and professionals because of its user-friendly features.

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The temperature ranges from 120°C – 240°C (250°F – 460°F).

It also releases negative ions and infrared heat which is going to make your hair smooth and silky. This flat iron doesn’t damage your hair in-fact it makes them look silkier, shiny and beautiful. You will definitely enjoy its long-lasting effects.

From its looks one can easily fall in love with its black sleek version, but other colors are also available in purple, teal, black and white respectively by means of color you can choose from them but the same thing which is built in is solid ceramic plate which is essential for sleek and shiny hair, while many experts have different opinions about the hair straighteners, the thing on which they are all in favor is the ceramic plate.

There are many irons available in the market today but this one comes with a ceramic plate with a tourmaline covering which will give hair a stylish smooth look. Tourmaline crystals are responsible for the best heat conduction of heat while nurturing your hair needs when the heat is directly applied to them.

It perfectly works while moisture is locked on the hair when all the heat is applied; alternatively, it won’t work and can fry hair. G3’s micro-porous technology and infrared heat combination work like a futuristic tool, in which moisture saving is essential. With its 410 degrees of heat level, one should be able to wear any hairstyle in minutes.

If you run to any problem from this iron –don’t worry it covers a full 3 years of warranty.

After almost reviewing it from amongst others we find it as an excellent product to use as it heats well in time and stays heated until switched off and can give your hair sleek, shiny and smooth look in minutes. Astonishing beauty is diversified in every region as we are talking about beauty products.

The Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Styling Iron is 1inch in size with a beautiful appearance. It’s too much reliability is an added advantage and a lot of warranty time makes it a super product which can definitely deliver the results of your choice.

Millions of Karmin G3 Salon Pro have been sold already. In fact, this is the most sold hair straightener ever.

  • State of the art 100% Tourmaline Ceramic Plates.
  • Flash Quick Heating
  • Combination of Negative Ions and infrared heating removes static for silky shiny hair.
  • Ion Fields
  • Excellent Temperature settings for all hair types which goes onto 120 degrees to 240 degrees.
  • 3-meter swivel cord.
  • Innovative safe drop technology.
  • Usable in every country worldwide as 100-240v easily.
  • Comes with anti-slip edges and slim handle design.
  • Automated shutoff (After in activity of 1 hour)
  • Floated plates.
  • 3-year warranty
  • Curling, flipping, straightening made easy.
  • Heat Mat.
  • Hologram security seal.
  • Instruction manual.
  • Price is little it at a steep side.
  • Swivel cord tangles some times.
  • Thick head hair persons will find it difficult as it come in 1 inch.

02. HSI Professional Hair Straightener 


This  HSI Professional iron is the #1 most sold on Amazon and has over 30,486 reviews of people who have used it.

The best technology for long-lasting results

The HSI Smooth Glider flat iron is equipped with the most advanced technology that seals the humidity of your hair and gives you shiny and smooth results that last longer. It offers fully adjustable heat to minimize combing time and exposure to heat. With high-temperature settings, fewer passes are needed on the hair for silky results, protecting your hair from prolonged exposure to heat. As for the gliding plates, they are with curved edges that adjust the angle continuously to avoid getting caught in the hair and thus give you more control while combing it.

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron has ceramic plates infused with tourmaline using 8 microsensors with Heat Balance technology to distribute heat evenly by regulating the temperature, and because of this, you spend less time applying heat to the hair.

The iron heats up quickly and the temperature can be adjusted between 140 and 450° F. The tourmaline infusion reduces frizz by generating negative ions, and the ceramic is used in this best flat iron of 2019 to provide long-lasting results.

In addition,  this hair straightener also provides flexibility to flip, bend or straighten the hair, all with a single plate.


  • The price, the most economical you will find.
  • The ceramic and tourmaline plates slide easily.
  • 10 cm plates for quick smoothing.
  • It does not allow to regulate the temperature, which is fixed at 210º.
  • Without a security, it sometimes shut down.

03. Bio Ionic OnePass Hair Straightener 1.5 Inches

This product is selling like hotcakes these days. Reason: It straightens your hair in one pass. That is why we call it is OnePass straightening iron.

This is the flat iron which can be regarded as the best flat iron present in the market. Two latest technologies are combined in this flat iron: high quality ceramic plates and negative ion technology. Together these two features give you smoother, healthier and fast hair straightening.

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According to the claims by Bio Ionic, this iron will straighten your hair in maximum 15 minutes.

Their claim is also true to the extent that many reviewers on the Amazon have confirmed that it works.


  1. The Iron is 1.5”, although 1” is also available.
  2. Weight is 2 pounds.
  3. The plates are ceramic and they are infused with ions for quick heating.
  4. Several heat levels.
  5. Silicon strips help in passing flat iron effortlessly.
  6. Heats up very fast.
  7. Negative Ions: Ionic Heat.
  8. Very Versatile
  9. $200 price

If I have to give my quick verdict after using the flat iron for 2 or 3 days, I will say that this would be the best pick in this price range. It heats up pretty fast and that heat remains consistent because of the very efficient sensors.

  • The price, the most economical you will find.
  • The ceramic and tourmaline plates slide easily.
  • 10 cm plates for quick smoothing.
  • It does not allow to regulate the temperature, which is fixed at 210º.
  • Without a security, it sometimes shut down.

04. BaByliss IPro Slim

Let’s be honest, for few women ironing the hair is the most difficult task.

That’s why I have to introduce Titanium Pro from the BaByliss brand.

Why? Because Babyliss Pro is a hair straightener that gives us professional results, in less time.

Its main advantage over other hair irons is that this iron comes with a built-in comb (removable) that help you untangle your hair while you use it.

That is possibly the best quality of the Babyliss I-Pro 235 XL, but also:

  •  It has extra large plates of 35 by 120mm ceramic diamond ceramic
  •  Iron specially designed for long hair
  •  It includes the function (which by now you will know that I do not recommend at all) of Wet & Dry,
  • Iron with an ionic function to help you fight that snooty aspect due to frizz, give your hair shine and extra softness
  •  This iron has 6 temperature levels, ranging from 140 ° to 200 ° (Protect button), and from 220 ° to 235 ° (Intense button)
  •  The temperature of this iron is controlled through its LED screen and thanks to the technology used, it reaches the desired temperature almost immediately.
  • The ceramic of its plates is only a coating. Ideally, they should be 100% ceramic for better hair protection

05. Corioliss C3

If your dream is to get up every day and have your stylist waiting for you as if you were in the hairdressing salon, thanks to the advanced hair straighteners that exist in the actuality, we are getting closer to fulfilling it.

Corioliss C3 is the definition of a professional hair straightener. Totally thought and designed to make things easier for stylists and hairdressers in their day to day, so imagine what they could do with your hair.

The technology of Corioliss C3 is so advanced that it makes ironing your hair almost game for girls; because this star product presents insurmountable characteristics:

  •  Titanium tilting plates
  •  11cm plate length
  •  Infrared heat system (Uniform application of roots to tips)
  •  Nanotechnology of silver particles (Eliminates up to 99% of bacteria)
  •  Adjustable temperature from 135 ° and up to 235 ° for a perfect straightening no matter the type of hair
  •  Perfect for the application of keratin, nanokeratin or similar treatments
  •  It has remote digital temperature control, three times per second, through an integrated LED display
  •  Security system that turns off the iron after 30 minutes of inactivity for safety
  •  2.5-meter rotating cable.
  •  Universal voltage for use in any country
  •  Great variety of designs to choose from, from the Corioliss C3 Leopard, to the camouflage version, zebra, and many other designs that deserve a separate section.

In short, the Corioliss C3 hair straightener is a professional model at a price more than interesting that allows you to forget the curling and fuzzy hair, because thanks to its titanium plates you can get a perfectly smooth hair with just one pass in each strand, In addition, thanks to its high quality you will protect the health and care of your hair since you can adapt the temperature to your needs.

If you are thinking of buying a professional hair straightener, I recommend that you consider it. Remember, Corioliss C3.

06. Remington Smartpro Sensor Technology

Remington is one of the most popular brands in body care products. Their hair straighteners are appreciated all over the world.

This Remington S8598S flat iron also receives a lot of good reviews, but we do not settle for the opinions of others, so we bought this product and we analyzed it thoroughly. From design to features, from functions to package contents, we did not miss anything and at the end, we pulled our conclusions.

Let’s start immediately with what is the appearance of this gorgeous hair straightener.  The length is approximately 110mm, certainly above average but that doesn’t make it less comfortable. It has anti-scald rounded tips, and its lightness along with its ergonomic handle makes it a pleasure to hold in your hands. The power cable at the end of the plate is of an average length, but the most important thing is that it is rotating, so you will not have to worry about twisting and tangling it.

Good accessory kit

In addition to the beautiful Remington S8590 hair straightener, we also find a convenient travel case. The case doesn’t heat up and you can put the flat iron inside even immediately after using it. As far as the security is concerned, the flat iron is equipped with a safety lock to lock the plates, both while heating and when we carry it around so that even if you forget to switch it off, the hair straightener will turn off automatically after 60 minutes.

On the side of the flat iron, there are both the keys for the ignition and the keys to adjust the temperature. Speaking of ignition, the flat iron is really fast in heating, in just 15 seconds it is able to reach the desired temperature. The temperature is also shown on the digital display and can be selected from the following: 160 °, 180 °, 200°, 220° and 230° C. The lowest is recommended for thin and brittle hair, while the higher ones for thick and frizzy hair.

So let’s move on to the practical test of the Remington S8590, as mentioned previously the flat iron is long and very light, but the most important thing is that it flows through the hair with incredible simplicity.

Excellent results

The results that can be achieved by using this hair straightener are really surprising. This is due to the quality of the materials with which the flat iron is built. They are made of ceramic and keratin, two materials that combined together can protect the scalp with a 100 % guarantee. In addition, the plates are equipped with a sensor that protects against excessive heat, which, if it detects poorly hydrated hair, automatically lowers the temperature, for further protection of the hair.

To conclude the Remington S8598S hair straightener is a product with truly appreciable qualities, all the good that is said around is verified by Flatironpoint. Although a mid-range product but with a very high quality-price ratio. The ceramic and keratin plates, combined with the Heat Protection sensor, guarantee absolute protection for the scalp, while the ceramic stretches the hair with its innate properties, a product suitable for both home and professional uses.


07. Rusk Engineering CTC Technology

If you have natural African American hair and you are looking for a hair straightener then RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straight Iron is the best choice that you could have. Not every hair straightener is designed in a manner to deal with thick hair. Many would claim that this flat iron is capable of straightening Afro hair but they simply do not have capability to heat up to the level that is required to heat up your hair. We have analyzed over two dozen hair straighteners and we came to the conclusion that Rusk Engineering Flat Iron is a promising choice for straightening thick hair.


  • Has a ceramic heater and titanium infused ceramic plates
  • Professional 1 ¼” straight ceramic iron
  • Makes your hair straight, smooth, and shiny after use
  • The plates of this flat iron have a sol-gel coating on them, which helps in a smooth hair straightening process

You might be thinking that why is this flat iron the best choice for American African Hair? Well the answer lies in the fact that this hair straightener has sol-gel coating- which helps in the straightening the thick hair. This gel helps by increasing the temperature and not then not burning your hair. This is simply an engineering feat.

08. Conair Infiniti Pro

This pinkish colored feminine designed tourmaline flat iron is a suitable flat iron for everyone. If you have a low budget or want different varieties in a single brand of flat iron. Conair Infiniti Pro tourmaline 1 Inch flat iron is available in as low as 30$ and this product is available in other lengths like 1.25 Inches 1.75 Inches. I came to know about this amazing product last week when I went to attend my cousin wedding there I met my class fellow of school time. I was amazed when saw her hair with a beautiful curly style, she told after I asked her that how she give shine and style to her hair. Then she disclosed that she used a very qualitative flat iron made by Conair.

So this forced me to write a complete review of this amazing product and share some of the important features, facts as well as pros and cons of this amazing hair Straightener.

Conair Infiniti Pro Size

You have to decide that which size of flat iron is most suitable for your hair, as I write earlier in the post that this hair straightener comes in three different types of sizes, like 1 Inch, 1-¼ and 1-¾ . So it is very important to first have a look of your hair that which size is best for your hair otherwise you have to replace it by purchasing another one so be conscious..

09. GHD Gold Max

Do you have long, thick hair? Here is the best professional 2019 flat iron for you. You will have the GHD Max Styler and the quality of a brand of excellence. 

GHD Gold Max Straightener: the professional straightener for long, thick hair!

As you may already know, GHD has released a few years ago 3 flat irons of different sizes in the Gold series: the mini, the classic and this one, the Max model. The styler GHDGold Max is endowed with wider plates of 1.5 inches which allows him to tame hair long , very long, thick , curlywavy and very difficult to style.

With its XXL (extra wide) plates, the GHD Gold MAX Styler is the ideal straightener for those with long, thick hair. With performances that have nothing to envy to GHD Glod Classic straightener, this version XXL can smooth a large volume of hair quickly and without constraints.

The GHD Gold Max has plates that give a shiny and silky smoothing even if you have thick hair. The high-performance ceramic heater offers a perfect and professional result as if you were at the hair salon. Another advantage, the ergonomics of this straightener and its 3D contoured plates facilitates the obtaining of perfect loops.

A convenient protection tip also allows you to pack your hair straightener directly after use. An auto sleep mode is enabled if the styler is not used for 30 minutes.

The universal voltage ensures that you get the same styling performance anywhere in the world, making this professional straightener an excellent choice if you travel frequently.


The GHD is the best professional straightener. It also has a design that is both luxurious and ergonomic. It smoothes your hair while preserving it. Whatever the nature and type of your hair (thin or thick, frizzy or slender, dry or oily, long or long …), the GHD is for you. 

10. GHD Gold Max 

I’ve been loyal to GHD for years now. The British company conquered my heart years ago with the GHD V Gold Classic Styler.

The new GHD Gold Styler of 2019 is the perfect flat iron for my hair.

Where to start if not from the brand that is the synonym of reliability and quality. The GHD flat irons have been superior since they came out into the market.

I can say with confidence that: GHD is the best professional hair straightener.

It’s simple, has a minimal design, the power button is now also digital temperature thermometer.

The new GHD Gold Styler takes only 25 seconds to turn on and reach a fixed temperature of 185 degrees.


The best thing is the Dual Zone technology: on this hair straightener, there are two thermal sensors. The temperature in this way remains constant and uniform and is constantly distributed throughout the hair for perfection.

When I slide my hair into the flat iron, the movement in the smoothing phase is much smoother. The anti-frizz effect is guaranteed for each use.

You will certainly have noticed the shape of the plate, which lends itself easily to the creative imagination n. You can easily get various effects, such as an excellent blur.

This flat iron is equipped with the auto power off function, so I never worry about leaving it on. After 30 minutes of inactivity, the plate switches itself off.

Whatever you have in mind for Saturday night, the new GHD Gold Styler will make you happy.

Super smooth and soft hair, natural curly effect, soft and long lasting beach waves, everything is possible with this plate.

Reminding you how to always treat your hair well, I leave you with a couple of tips. I use my GHD with the protective spray of GHD, which can be used on all types of hair.

It’s a mess to find the perfect hair straightener for curly hair that’s really useful, what do you think? 

I know because this Christmas I had to give a gift to my nephew, who has tremendous afro hair and wanted to try ironing it. Then I decided to give her a suitable hair straightener.

It was difficult to navigate between all the brands and models that are in the market. Not to mention price differences and contradictory recommendations. In the end, I found three flat irons that convinced me and here I present to you with these three.


Comparison Table Of Best Flat Irons for Curly Hair 2019

Position Name Rating Temperature Price
1st Tress Press Styling Iron ♥♥♥♥♥ Heats up to 450°F/232°C $$ (Best Option)
2nd LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch Hair Straightener ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 heat settings that range from 300º F to 450° F $ (Amazon’s Choice)
3rd Sedu Professional 1½” Flat Iron ♥♥♥♥♥ 250°F to 410°F (121°C to 210°C) $ (Latest Tech)
4th Revlon Salon Straight Copper + Ceramic ♥♥♥♥ Up to a level of 455°F $ (Great Value)
5th KIPOZI 1 Inch Pro Nano-Titanium Flat Iron ♥♥♥♥ 270℉(140℃), 350℉(180℃) 410℉(210℃). $ (Most Affordable Option)


Kipozi Pro Flat Iron Review

Kipozi is a brand highly recommended by its customers that manufactures quality hair products with great durabilities, such as hair straighteners. Kipozi products are of professional quality.

I will recommend you two of the best Kipozi hair straighteners on the market. Both with unique characteristics, reflecting the quality of these products.

Both of these products are best one for curly hairs. 

This hair straightener has been designed with an extra wide 4.5 cm floating plates. The larger styling surface allows faster results and eliminates tangles with little effort.

The titanium surface of this hair straightener evenly distributes the heat. You will not have problems of disorder in some sectors. In addition, you will get your hair smooth and silky, with an attractive natural shine

It comes with adjustable temperature on the digital LCD screen. Keep in mind that depending on the type of hair it is recommended that you adjust the temperature. Shutdown after several minutes of inactivity is automatically activated. allows you to block the temperature in certain degrees centigrade.

Brings an ergonomic handle very resistant. It protects you from heat emanations and is very easy to handle. Includes rounded edges for a better finish of bangs or waves. Also, it has a 2.5 m resistant and rotating cable, which never gets entangled.


It reaches a maximum temperature of 230 ° C  with functions of an automatic shutdown and intelligent control of the temperature for greater security. It has a power of 180 W. Specialists recommend it for keratin treatments because of the way it distributes heat. It does not matter if your hair is still slightly wet, you can still spend it knowing that you will not damage your hair. The preset temperature settings that are set with the P button are three: 140C for brittle hair, 180C for dyed or damaged hair and 210C for healthy hair.

Its nano-titanium plates, which bring softness and shine to your hair. This latest technology that prevents frizz will ensure that all open ends are sealed by heat, avoiding imperfections. You will get a perfect finish.

You will achieve a uniform temperature throughout the plate. From the roots of your hair to the tips. The technology of heat distribution allows all the hair to be smooth in the same way.

Hair straightener design and materials

The use of titanium hair straighteners has become increasingly popular in recent years. This latest technology in beauty and health care material offers surprising results.

Titanium manages to balance two aspects: health and visible results. You will avoid radiating damage to your hair due to products that are harmful to your health and you will obtain instant results of straightening and softness in the hair.

In addition, this economical and easy to use iron is practical when picking up certain wicks of hair. Its shape facilitates homogeneous ironing.

Revlon Salon Hair 1-1/2 inch Straightener Review

The Revlon brand is quite large. Here we have to do with the Revlon Hair Tools range, which since 1932, helps us to have the looks we like.

To do this, Revlon Hair Tools provides us with the latest technology to have the best hair without effort.

Revlon Flat Iron comes with 1″ ceramic plates. It quickly heats up to 400°F and has a light to indicate when it is on. Its ergonomic design with silicone handles makes it comfortable and easy to handle.

I love Revlon products! This is a great straightener. I’ve had mine for over 5 years and it still works great. It tackles thick hair easily and warms up fast. It doesn’t take long to use and you don’t have to go over areas multiple times. This is a decent straightener that gets the job done without a lot of fuss! Easy to throw in a travel bag too, which I really like about it. 

With this Revlon iron, you can achieve all kinds of styles in your hair. From a perfectly smooth hair to beautiful and voluptuous waves, with this iron any look is possible. 

This excellent hair straightener has triple coating ceramic technology and premium tourmaline which allows a greater increase in temperature to get fast styles, without any damage and with much more brightness, its extra long plates provide an even longer styling surface to get more hair coverage. In addition, with the rapid 15-second warm-up that counts and its 10 temperature settings on the LED screen, you can have total control for any style you want to give your hair, as well as its floating plate,  was designed to have a better hair grip


  • Extra long plate with a triple coating of ceramic technology and premium tourmaline.
  • Extra long and rotating cable.
  • LED display.
  • 10 Temperature settings.
  • Floating plates.
  • Locking plates for easy storage.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Auto power off.


Using our hair straightener can be as simple as a bit complicated, depending on the experience you have in the handling or the versatility of your iron model, which is why we bring you some tips on how to use your Revlon hair straightener.

  • I recommend you never use your hair straightener with wet hair since the heat and humidity will dry out your hair a lot more.
  • Always use a heat protector, this way you will avoid any kind of damage.
  • Do not use any type of oils to iron your hair, but until after doing it.
  • Use moisturizing treatments, as they will help protect your hair during ironing.
  • And finally, never iron the plate twice for your hair or you can burn it if you use a high temperature

The hair irons Revlon have high quality and excellent technologies so they can be used in any type of hair, each copy of Revlon has its own characteristics that make them simply wonderful to get a perfect finish for our hair, results ranging from an ideal straightening up to a smooth and shining mane, without a doubt that they are considered as one of the best of the market.

Sedu Professional 1½” Flat Iron Review

Sedu is a world-famous beauty brand with a reputation for unsurpassed quality and reliability. Its hair styling tools have always been developed with a focus on the long-term maintenance of healthy hair.

Each Sedu product is designed with the professional stylist in mind. and presents only the essentials, achieving the perfect balance between high performance and effortless results Sedu products are known to close the gap between you and the professional stylist With technology and performance without equal, Sedu makes it easy to achieve quality results.


The professional Sedu Ionic ceramic flat iron (with a 1.5-inch plate width) features Alisa’s patented ultra-smooth tourmaline ceramic plates, softens and domesticates curly or unruly hair for long-lasting results Ultra-smooth plates ensure a smooth straightening motion without pulling hair

Best 1.5 Inch Flat Iron 

Recently, many of our readers have asked me to share with all of you a secret: “What is the best hair straighter for thick hair?”

I know your pain! Doing anything with a head full of thick hair can seem like an impossible challenge. Each style seems to take hours. And it never looks like anything that you see on Pinterest!

But, really there is no secret. All you need to do is find the right flat iron for your hair type. And this post is here to help you. 

What should you look for in iron for thick hair?

If all you want is to straighten your hair, a good way to straighten thick hair more quickly and effectively is to use wider plates. So you would be looking at best 1.5 inch flat irons or maybe 2 inches as well if you have really long and thick hair. 

There are straightening irons out there that are designed for hair the same as yours! 

Keep reading to find out more about how to find the best thick hair iron and some style tips to make women envy you. 


Comparison Table Of 1.5 Inch Hair Straightener

Position Name Rating Temperature Price

Sedu Professional 1½” Hair Iron

♥♥♥♥♥ Heats up to 450°F/232°C $$ (Best Option)
2nd LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch Hair Straightener ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 heat settings that range from 300º F to 450° F $ (Amazon’s Choice)
3rd Tress Press Styling Iron ♥♥♥♥♥ 250°F to 410°F (121°C to 210°C) $ (Latest Tech)
4th Revlon Salon Straight Copper + Ceramic ♥♥♥♥ Up to a level of 455°F $ (Great Value)
5th KIPOZI Professional Titanium 1.75 inch ♥♥♥♥ 270℉(140℃), 350℉(180℃) 410℉(210℃). $ (Most Affordable Option)


Best Professional 1.5 Inch Flat Iron For Thick Hair

If you have money to spend and you want to spend it on a good pair of professional irons, you can not get past the Croc Classic Nano-Titanium plate. 

It has a nice 1 1/2 inch thick plates with nano-silver infusion plates for a super effective straightening, even in super thick hair. It also has other useful features, such as 25 precision heat settings so you can find exactly the right temperature for your hair.

Best Cheap 1.5 Inch Flat Iron For Thick Hair

In contrast, if you do not have the money to spend right now on a professional iron, there are cheaper models that work with thick hair. The best I have found has been the HSI iron. It has ceramic plates coated with tourmaline and a range of heat settings on a practical LCD screen.

To read more about why HSI is the best cheap iron for thick hair, click here.

How to choose the best hair straightener in 2018; advantages and disadvantages!

Even if you have very straight hair you may need professional hair straightener, but I’m sure you already know this.  The heating plates of many hair straighteners not only serves to stretch the rebellious nature of hair but they can be otherwise used to make curly, and frisky hair very straight. Flat irons can be a ‘great ally when it comes to changing your overall look and improving the appearance of your hair.

Why should I use the straightener?

A woman who can do styling at her own or the one who is willing to go several times in a week to the hairdresser could do without the straighteners, although I would recommend that everyone should visiting hairdresser from time to time. However, only a few women who have the good fortune to spend on parlors can choose this path. If you fall into the category who need an easy and inexpensive way to keep their hair in place, then the best hair straighteners of 2017 will serve your hair as the daily bread!

You can use a hair straightener, to make curly hair or to create any particular hairstyle. But be sure that your flat iron will help you to always be perfect! Moreover, we at flatironpoint will make sure that you will find the best hair straightener.

How to choose a professional straightener

Choosing a professional hair straightener in 2019 is not an easy task because the market offers many different models with lots and lots of fancy names and features and we know that it is very difficult to navigate! Some vary only from an aesthetic point of view, on the other hand, some have higher or lower performance compared to their sisters.

  • The first thing to check is whether you need a straightener that will do the sophisticated job or just want a model that will do his duty. Even within these two categories, the prices can vary widely. You will find a complex flat iron from $100 or $300 (the price can easily go up!).
  • The second step is to define your budget. How much do you spend? We should not expect to spend less than $100. This is because if you want your hair straightener to work well, then it must have a minimum threshold of standard quality, and above all, it must not break after a few months. Make a small investment, and if you can afford you should invest over $250, and then for a few years you will sleep peaceful dreams!
  • Do not worry too much about the aesthetic side. The beautiful designs and colors are not proof of a great hair straightener. It is better than you should get a simple design that guarantees excellent performance rather than vice versa.
  • Your flat iron should have the button to adjust the temperature. This also helps you to better define the fold. For a perfectly smooth hair, the temperature must be high, but if you want to get a nice rough hair and want to remove frizz than you can use lower temperature levels.
  • The length of the impact plate matters a lot and you have to choose it based on the length of your hair. For the bangs and short hair, a compact hair straightener is perfect. If you have long hair you should definitely choose the larger one.
  • The last advice I want to give you before the purchase is this: focus on energy consumption! It may seem irrelevant to a hair straightener that is used for only a few minutes, but at end of the year this choice will have an impact on spending, Believe me! It is better to think long term.

Disadvantages for hair  because of hair straightener

I have already told you that the straightener is a true blessing. You know its importance on every morning when you can straighten your hair and thus have a perfect head of hair, ready to be shown at work or in town while you shop.

Unfortunately, although I would like, speaking of hair straighteners cannot limit myself to talk of many and undeniable advantages. Even if the hair straighteners have saved the hair of many women who first used the iron to smooth it ( some apparently still do! ), these electronic devils have certainly their own problems.

  • Although many would not want to admit it and they will look at the best on the market plate and less aggressive than ever, in the illusion that the hair does not suffer in the least of the stretch, but believe me your hair is not at all happy! You are attacking your skin from every point of view, even if you still can contain the damage.
  • The plate produces a lot of heat, often up to 220 degrees. This means that you are putting your hair in a state of risk and sometimes your physiologically burn them. It is as if you wanted to take a few centimeters in height and then you started some unhealthy practice to succeed. You’re going against nature, against your physiology. The hair is the same.
  • I have seen too many women burning their hair with the flat iron. Some even older had already managed to burn whole strands because of frequent and obviously wrong choice of appliance. Read our best reviews and find the most suitable flat iron for yourself. NEVER, EVER go for cheap models.

Having said this, I do not advise you not to use it, I for one would not be able to follow this advice, but to do so with care and moderation. Obviously choose the best on the market (which does not always correspond to the most expensive), perhaps helping with the preceding paragraph to find suitable and with the next one, dedicated to the various types of hair straighteners.

Types of Flat Irons in 2019


  • Ceramic flat irons are one of the best choices because the ceramic plate does not damage your hair too much, not as much as the metal at least because they distribute heat well. It must not pass too many times on the same strand because after a few strokes has already done his duty!
  • Plates for curly hair: according to some professionals plates do not need this tool because even with the regular plate you can get perfect curls. I am sure that is true, but I think that to get a least acceptable outcome we will be just professionals. The plate for curly hair so it might be useful if you want to liven up your calls smooth or simply move.
  • Plate with ions (or tourmaline ) is probably the best on the market because in addition to protecting hair moisturizes and softens. Still, run less risk of burning them and the final effect is very natural.

According to the consumer organization, these are some of the tips you should keep in mind if you’re using a hair straightener.

  • Dry hair: Use the iron on dry hair.
  • Monitoring the temperature is recommended.
  • Divide hair: To correctly use the iron you must divide your hair into strands that are not thick than 3 or 4 centimeters. By the way, the movement must be from the roots to the tips.
  • Keep away from water: Avoid using the iron near the tub or sink as it could be a risk of electrocution.

How you use the straightener

  • For optimal use, once you’ve stuck your plate to the socket, let it warm up. If you already have a fairly smooth hair enough 140-150 °. If you have very curly hair or difficult to manage, even up to 220 °.
  • Before you use it remember to remove all nodes from the hair, otherwise they will be perfect. Now take a strand at a time, starting from the root to the tips passes your hot plate and be careful.
  • Do not pass too many times and make sure the hair is pretty dry. Some plates are tolerated by the damp hair so that you can also use them before drying with a hairdryer. However, most of the plates burn the hair if wet.

A further measure to avoid damaging your hair too much is to use a hair protection lotion. There are indeed many models, some oils, creams, sprays etc. You just have to choose according to your hair. Though I would recommend GHD Heat Protect Spray