Mostly women who care about their hair are always looking for the best available hair straighteners. Best Flat irons can be a great help when you need great looking shiny and beautiful hair.

Frizzy hair can really make you look messy sometimes while straight hair gives you a sleek and elegant look. Flatirons are truly a blessing for women as well as men, sometimes men want their hair straight too.

Best flat irons 2018

Flat irons are very advantageous as they are affordable and they also don’t get damaged easily. They have life-long usage and comes at very reasonable rates.

Thus, you can continue looking classy and elegant for the rest of your lives.

However, as so many varieties of flat irons keep rushing in with advanced features, it becomes almost impossible to choose the right one which suits your needs perfectly.

In this post, we will help you to find the best flat iron for your hair, but first, you need to define your hair type.


Types of Hair

There are different types of hair, let’s see which one is your type so that it becomes easier for you to select the best hair straightener right according to your hair type.

    • Finely straight hair: These type of hair has the sleek and silky texture. You need to be very considerate while buying a straightener for these types of hair as only a very low temperature can burn these type of hair to a great extent. When you have this type of hair you need to buy a flat iron that is smooth in terms of heating plates while the output must be lower to perfectly suit the sleek hair.
    • Wavy hair: The texture of this type is bit thicker. Your hair may be fine and sleek but you might have little waves or curls in your hair. This means that you have flexible hair density due to mixed hair. For this type of hair, you need to get a flat iron with adjustable temperature range. This will give you the option to switch to different temperatures as per your hair texture. You will be perfectly okay with Titanium and Tourmaline flat irons for such type of hair.
    • Thick and curly hair: This type of hair requires the finest hair straightener in terms of performance and quality. You need a straightener which contains high-end heating plates and high-temperature ranges. Another important factor for such type of hair is heat protection. This type of hair requires a bit more heating, but the concern arises when too much heating makes the texture of hair rough and brittle.
    • Normal and wavy hair: This is the best hair type because otherwise, it is totally extreme. In this case, buy the hair straightener that is best for medium or wavy hair. Usually, most straighteners are made for normal hair.

Moreover, there are also different types of hair irons and you should read about them too to know what suits your needs as well.

List of Top 10 Hair Straighteners in 2017-2018

Luckily, in this article, we are going to discuss the top list of Flat Irons with their features in detail. You can easily choose from our well-researched list of flat irons as we will definitely tell you which one is perfect for you according to price, features, and company. You can also contact us to get a personalized choice for you. (For Free)

Let’s have a look at that list.

Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Styling IronA+$$$$ (Best Option) ♥♥♥♥♥
Bio Ionic OnePass Straightening Iron 1.5 InchAA+$$$ (Latest Technology)♥♥♥♥♥
CHI Original Pro 1” Ceramic Flat Iron Hair StraightenerA+$$♥♥♥♥
HSI Professional 1 Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener"A$$ (Cheapest Option)♥♥♥♥♥
BaByliss Pro BABNT3072 Nano Titanium Flat IronA+$$♥♥♥♥♥
Babyliss Pro BABNT5073T Wet to Dry Nano Titanium Flat IronB+$$♥♥♥♥
Remington Triple Infusion StraightenerB+$$♥♥♥♥♥
Drybar The Tress Press Digital Styling IronA+$$$♥♥♥♥♥
Amika Movos Wireless StylerA$$♥♥♥♥
  • Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Styling Iron

This is one of the best hair straighteners. Karmin G3 has some amazing features and is made of quality material. It is made of 100% pure black tourmaline which is basically a semi-precious stone. It is also made of 100% pure ceramic, thus making it a wonderful and professional hair styling tool. It is also easy to handle and can be handled perfectly by amateurs and professionals because of its user-friendly features.

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The temperature ranges from 120°C – 240°C (250°F – 460°F).

It also releases negative ions and infrared heat which is going to make your hair smooth and silky. This flat iron doesn’t damage your hair in-fact it makes them look silkier, shiny and beautiful. You will definitely enjoy its long-lasting effects.

It also helps the hair to seal natural oil thus preventing them to dry up from the heat.

Karmin G3 is your perfect hair partner and it will make the worries of frizzy and coarse hair go away in no time.

The cord with this straightener is long enough for you to move around a little bit. The cord is also tangle free thus making it easier for you to move the straightener.

Millions of Karmin G3 Salon Pro have been sold already. In fact, this is the most sold hair straightener ever.

  • BIO IONIC Onepass Straightening Iron 1.5 Inch

This product is selling like hotcakes these days. Reason: It straightens your hair in one pass. That is why we call it is Onepass straightening iron.

This is the flat iron which can be regarded as the best flat iron present in the market. Two latest technologies are combined in this flat iron: high quality ceramic plates and negative ion technology. Together these two features give you smoother, healthier and fast hair straightening.

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According to the claims by Bio Ionic, this iron will straighten your hair in maximum 15 minutes.

Their claim is also true to the extent that many reviewers on the Amazon have confirmed that it works.


  1. The Iron is 1.5”, although 1” is also available.
  2. Weight is 2 pounds.
  3. The plates are ceramic and they are infused with ions for quick heating.
  4. Several heat levels.
  5. Silicon strips help in passing flat iron effortlessly.
  6. Heats up very fast.
  7. Negative Ions: Ionic Heat.
  8. Very Versatile
  9. $200 price

If I have to give my quick verdict after using the flat iron for 2 or 3 days, I will say that this would be the best pick in this price range. It heats up pretty fast and that heat remains consistent because of the very efficient sensors.

  • CHI Original Pro 1” Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

CHI is one of the well-known brands for providing the best quality flat irons with finest ceramic plates.

CHI ceramic flat iron is basically a professional flat iron which can give you the salon finish from home. Your hair will be sleek and stylish just after using this CHI ceramic flat iron. This flat iron will definitely bring out the best of you.

You can do any sort of hair styling with this flat iron. This product has the definite combination of ceramic plates and high technology tourmaline plates. This flat iron can be used for curling, crimping, flipping and of course straightening your hair. It is made for styling your hair with a professional touch.

It is highly safe and is designed to be utilized by hair styling experts while it is also very easy to use for amateurs. It gives you the perfect exposure for practicing different styles on your hair.  This flat iron doesn’t damage your hair much and gives you perfect styling with safety.

  • HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron hair straightener, with Glove, Pouch and Travel Size Argan Oil Leave-in Hair Treatment

HIS is one of the reliable providers of ceramic flat iron infused with tourmaline.

The addition of tourmaline to this flat iron makes it heat up quickly and spreads the heat throughout evenly.

This flat iron has diverse functionality and supports all types of styling including curling, flipping, and straightening.

The temperature is also great and can be adjusted from 240 to 450 degrees. This product is different in a sense that it offers you two sizes from which you can choose the one which meets your needs.

The quality of this flat iron is just amazing and the style is also very elegant. It has a slim structure with proper round edges in order to give ease of usage.

The design of this flat iron was made with the idea to help you in acquiring more volume while you give the perfect style to your hair. You can also get rid of any additional damages that you are afraid of as it does no damage to your hair.

  • BaByliss Pro BABNT3072 Nano Titanium Flat Iron

Babyliss is quite a brand when it comes to flat irons. Babyliss has been known for providing quality flat iron products for a long time now. The reviews about the company have been amazing since ever.

It is undoubtedly that this flat iron by Babyliss can be any lesser in performance.

Babyliss Titanium flat iron is one of the most amazing and efficient hair straightener from this well-known brand. Titanium is known for its exceptional fast heating abilities. This flat iron gives you a salon finish at home. Titanium is the best feature of this product along with a great temperature range. It also leaves negative ion radiations on the hair giving them a shiny and healthy look.

Babyliss Nano Titanium is one of the most highly efficient titanium flat iron in the market. Everyone can use it with guaranteed exceptional results. Everyone loves to use this product. It is high quality and high-performance tool which is very easy to manage and comes at a very affordable price range.

  • Babyliss Pro BABNT5073T Wet to Dry Nano Titanium Flat Iron

Babyliss is known for providing the best flat irons in the market. It is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to styling equipment. This one, however, is by far the best product that Babyliss has ever made. It is one rare kind of a product. The idea is that it uses wet to dry technique.

With this amazing product, you can totally forget the hassle of blow drying your hair for the rest of your life as with this amazing Babyliss straightener, you can just skip the step of blow drying your hair. Thanks to Babyliss that it has introduced wet to dry technology.

As you might know, you probably have never heard of wet to dry technology before but it is known to the hair stylists and they take full advantage of this technique. Babyliss wet to dry flat iron is one of the best in the market.

  • Remington Triple Infusion Straightener

Haircare is an important aspect of our usual routines. You can now get the chance to enhance your haircare with this amazing Remington Triple Infusion Straightener. Remington products always leave an impact on the market and when it comes to flat irons, Remington has definitely more score than anyone in the market.

Get rid of your frizzy hair with this amazing product including 1-inch ceramic plates infused with special conditioners for giving you a long lasting result without damaging your hair. It guarantees 86% more shine and 90% more smoothness and sleek hair.

It is infused with Keratin, argan oil and macadamia oil which are all definitely magic when it comes to nourishing your hair. Your hairstyling gets way easier with Remington Triple Infusion Straightener.

    7.  Drybar The Tress Press Digital Styling Iron

This is another amazing flat iron which made it in our list of Top 10 flat irons for 2017. It gives you the ability to straighten hair easily and gives your hair smooth, neat, shiny and healthy look.  The Tress Press is one famous flat iron by Drybar. This product has a lot of features which will definitely surprise you.

Main Features

  1. It includes one-inch flat titanium plates and amazing temperature control technology to give you safe hair styling in just no time.
  2. The smooth hair floating plates give you constant contact with hair and thus straightens them in one pass.
  3. The round edges give you the amazing ability to curl hair or just add sleek waves.
  4. The cord is nine-foot-long and it automatically turns off after 60 minutes to avoid any accidents that may occur if you forget to turn off your straightener.
  1. GHD Black Platinum Professional Styler

This product by GHD is one of a kind and offers long-lasting results. It is featured with Ghd platinum plates which can be heated up to 365 Fahrenheit in just a few seconds. It works quickly and efficiently in order to straight hair, curl or hair or simply wave them without damaging the beauty and health of your hair.

GHD features efficient tri-zone technology which uses six quick sensors to constantly ensure that optimum temperature is maintained across the entire straightening plates throughout the styling process. It gets cool and ready for storage in about 45 minutes. It also includes highly safe and high technology aerogel insulation which helps it cool down.

  • BIO IONIC 10x Pro Styling Iron, 1 Inch

There is no doubt that Ionic is a leading manufacturer of beauty products that includes styling irons. This is the only iron available in the market that has fast and speedy heating technology. We know that we live in a world where we have less time for everything; that is why almost every girl wants Bio Ionic 10x styling iron as her companion.

Special Features:

  1. For faster heating, Silicon Speed Strips are used.
  2. Upto 400F Instant Heat Up (Equals to 200C)
BIO IONIC 10x Pro Styling Iron, 1 Inch
List Price: $230.00
Price: $230.00
Price Disclaimer
  • Remington T|Studio™ PROtect™ Straightener

It is one of the best by Remington. This product is made for excellent hair care system. It includes 1 inch ceramic plates with a great vapor infusion technology which provides 90% frizz control. It provides protection against the hair breakage as it has PROtect technology. This technology uses water and an additional macadamia conditioning treatment to supply cool micro vapor to absorb in the hair thus protecting hair from any possible damage.

Editor’s Advice: We provided the list of best available flat irons of 2017-2018, so it’s up to you to pick the one that which suits you the most. Still, in the near future, we will have editors choice depending upon who pays us the most 😉

How to choose the best hair straightener in 2017-2018; advantages and disadvantages!

Even if you have very straight hair you may need professional hair straightener, but I’m sure you already know this.  The heating plates of many hair straighteners not only serves to stretch the rebellious nature of hair but they can be otherwise used to make curly, and frisky hair very straight. Flat irons can be a ‘great ally when it comes to changing your overall look and improving the appearance of your hair.

Why should I use the straightener?

A woman who can do styling at her own or the one who is willing to go several times in a week to the hairdresser could do without the straighteners, although I would recommend that everyone should visiting hairdresser from time to time. However, only a few women who have the good fortune to spend on parlors can choose this path. If you fall into the category who need an easy and inexpensive way to keep their hair in place, then the best hair straighteners of 2017 will serve your hair as the daily bread!

You can use a hair straightener, to make curly hair or to create any particular hairstyle. But be sure that your flat iron will help you to always be perfect! Moreover, we at flatironpoint will make sure that you will find the best hair straightener.

How to choose a professional straightener

Choosing a professional hair straightener is not an easy task because the market offers many different models with lots and lots of fancy names and features and we know that it is very difficult to navigate! Some vary only from an aesthetic point of view, on the other hand, some have higher or lower performance compared to their sisters.

  • The first thing to check is whether you need a straightener that will do the sophisticated job or just want a model that will do his duty. Even within these two categories, the prices can vary widely.You will find a complex flat iron from $100 or $300 (the price can easily go up!).
  • The second step is to define your budget. How much do you spend? We should not expect to spend less than $100. This is because if you want your hair straightener to work well, then it must have a minimum threshold of standard quality, and above all, it must not break after few months. Make a small investment, and if you can afford you should invest over $250, and then for few years you will sleep peaceful dreams!
  • Do not worry too much about the aesthetic side. The beautiful designs and colors are not proof of a great hair straightener. It is better than you should get a simple design that guarantees excellent performance rather than vice versa.
  • Your flat iron should have the button to adjust the temperature. This also helps you to better define the fold. For a perfectly smooth hair, the temperature must be high, but if you want to get a nice rough hair and want to remove frizz than you can use lower temperature levels.
  • The length of the impact plate matters a lot and you have to choose it based on the length of your hair. For the bangs and short hair, a compact hair straightener is perfect. If you have long hair you should definitely choose the larger one.
  • The last advice I want to give you before the purchase is this: focus on energy consumption! It may seem irrelevant to a hair straightener that is used for only a few minutes, but at end of the year this choice will have an impact on spending, Believe me! It is better to think long term.

Disadvantages for hair  because of hair straightener

I have already told you that the straightener is a true blessing. You know its importance on every morning when you can straighten your hair and thus have a perfect head of hair, ready to be shown at work or in town while you shop.

Unfortunately, although I would like, speaking of hair straighteners cannot limit myself to talk of many and undeniable advantages. Even if the hair straighteners have saved the hair of many women who first used the iron to smooth it ( some apparently still do! ), these electronic devils have certainly their own problems.

  • Although many would not want to admit it and they will look at the best on the market plate and less aggressive than ever, in the illusion that the hair does not suffer in the least of the stretch, but believe me your hair is not at all happy! You are attacking your skin from every point of view, even if you still can contain the damage.
  • The plate produces a lot of heat, often up to 220 degrees. This means that you are putting your hair in a state of risk and sometimes your physiologically burn them. It is as if you wanted to take a few centimeters in height and then you started some unhealthy practice to succeed.You’re going against nature, against your physiology. The hair is the same.
  • I have seen too many women burning their hair with the flat iron. Some even older had already managed to burn whole strands because of frequent and obviously wrong choice of appliance. Read our best reviews and find the most suitable flat iron for yourself. NEVER, EVER go for cheap models.

Having said this, I do not advise you not to use it, I for one would not be able to follow this advice, but to do so with care and moderation. Obviously choose the best on the market (which does not always correspond to the most expensive), perhaps helping with the preceding paragraph to find suitable and with the next one, dedicated to the various types of hair straighteners.

Types of hair straighteners

  • Ceramic flat irons are one of the best choices because the ceramic plate does not damage your hair too much, not as much as the metal at least because they distribute heat well. It must not pass too many times on the same strand because after a few strokes has already done his duty!
  • Plates for curly hair: according to some professionals plates do not need this tool because even with the regular plate you can get perfect curls. I am sure that is true, but I think that to get a least acceptable outcome we will be just professionals. The plate for curly hair so it might be useful if you want to liven up your calls smooth or simply move.
  • Plate with ions (or tourmaline ) is probably the best on the market because in addition to protecting hair moisturizes and softens. Still, run less risk of burning them and the final effect is very natural.

According to the consumer organization, these are some of the tips you should keep in mind if you’re using a hair straightener.

  • Dry hair: Use the iron on dry hair.
  • Monitoring the temperature is recommended.
  • Divide hair: To correctly use the iron you must divide your hair into strands that are not thick than 3 or 4 centimetres. By the way, the movement must be from the roots to the tips.
  • Keep away from water: Avoid using the iron near the tub or sink as it could be a risk of electrocution.

How you use the straightener

  • For optimal use, once you’ve stuck your plate to the socket, let it warm up. If you already have a fairly smooth hair enough 140-150 °. If you have very curly hair or difficult to manage, even up to 220 °.
  • Before you use it remember to remove all nodes from the hair, otherwise they will be perfect. Now take a strand at a time, starting from the root to the tips passes your hot plate and be careful.
  • Do not pass too many times and make sure the hair is pretty dry. Some plates are tolerated by the damp hair so that you can also use them before drying with a hairdryer. However, most of the plates burn the hair if wet.

A further measure to avoid damaging your hair too much is to use a hair protection lotion. There are indeed many models, some oils, creams, sprays etc. You just have to choose according to your hair. Though I would recommend  GHD Heat Protect Spray

GHD Heat Protect Spray - 4 oz
List Price: $22.00
Price: $16.57
You Save: $5.43
Price Disclaimer

Remember: Decide how much you want to spend, choose the appropriate type of flat iron, do not use it every day and do it right!