Bio Ionic One Pass Straightening Iron Review

Time is of prime importance and if you agree with me, then without reading further you should buy Bio Ionic One Pass Hair straightening iron if you have long and thick hair and you can thank me later.

Still if you compel me to write detailed review; here we go: Pros of Bio Ionic One Pass Hair straightening iron

  • One Pass Technology. Straighteners your hair in one pass.

  • Very Fast heating. Heats up in maximum 5 seconds.

  • Max heating degree is 400. This is enough for almost anyone.

  • Temperature control lock lets you control temperature.

  • Very good design, very light to handle and easy to use.

  • 1 year warranty

Cons of Bio Ionic One Pass Hair straightening iron

  • Not very cheap flat iron. But this price tag is justfied for those who have long and thick hair.
  • The floating plates are not suitable for everyone.

Now as you can see that there are more pros and fewer cons; you know what I mean.

If you are one of those people who are one of those people who are low on budget then let me make you smile that I have a deal( which probably doesn’t last long). Using this deal you guys can avail up-to 40% on this very flat iron. See the end of the article to find this deal.

Now if you go to Amazon and read reviews of people who have bought this product, you will be surprised that more than 77% of people gave it 5 stars and more than 90% people who own this flat iron are very happy with the decision they made.

What are the reasons that people are happy?

The foremost one is that Bio Ionic One Pass straightens your hair in one pass. At first, I thought it would very crazy to claim this, as I have very thick hair and usually I have to pass flat iron several times before I can say that my hair is really straightened. Anyhow, I went for it and to my surprise, It works like a charm. Let me show you a demonstration:


Believe me, I had several straighteners that claimed that they will do the job in one pass; but none of them worked like Bio Ionic One Pass.

Ceramic and Silicon Plates

The second reason that this flat iron has so many positive reviews is its plates. They are made of ceramic and they are coated with silicon, this makes it easier to pass straightener our hair. Usually, with some of the hair straighteners, you will feel that your hair is being pulled, that is not the case here. No matter how jumbled up your hair are; you won’t feel a glitch. Some people also call these silicon speed strips.


If someone would ask me to rate BioIonic OnePass hair straightener, I would definitely give the five-star rating because there are many positive elements in this flatiron that everyone wants. For me the most important thing is time, and this is the only hair straightener that available in the market that can straighten my hair in OnePass.


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