Flat Iron Vs Hair Straightening Brush

2 Most Famous hair straightening tools among us are Flat iron or Hair Straightening brush. Now you must think that:

Whether you should go for Flat Iron or hair straightening brush?

Or when they both just straightens the hair, what is the difference?

So, i am going to tell you the exact difference between Flat Iron and Hair straightening brush. But first, let me get you to some history about these hair straightening devices.

History of Hair Straightening Devices

If we have a look back to 1872, Erica Feldman used the first ironing device to straighten her hair. And the tool she used to straighten her hair was not the irons we use today. People have used a variety of chemicals other different heating tools to straighten their hair. Some tools went successful and made their name famous and some them weren’t. The modern flat irons the famous hair straighteners today, they comprise a heated iron with two flat metal plates that irons your hair, and is more than 100 years old. This straightening tool was invented in 1912 by Lady Jennifer Bell Scholfield. When she first ironed her hair, and now the world has seen improvements. These modern devices are much better on working, and are safer for your hair and scalp. And being an electric device, they are much easier to handle and control.


Flat Iron Hair Straighteners

When you are going to straighten your thick hair with your flat iron, Flat iron is the best choice. It works great on thick, curly, frizzy or African-American hair. Because, they use much higher temperature than hair straightener brush, and using clamping technique, hair gets tight between two flat plates that can be made of ceramic or Titanium. And due to this technology, heat is transferred to hair very effectively and gives best results. But the excessive use of flat irons can potentially damage your hair. But unlike flat irons, hair straightener brush can be used to add volume to your hair and they don’t. You can’t even plan a trip with flat iron, unless you brings a heat resistant storage bag with you.

Advantages of Flat Iron

  • Work effectively on Thick or Curly hair
  • Easy to use
  • Long Lasting results.

Disadvantages of Flat Iron

  • Due to much higher temperature, it can potentially damage your hair or scalp if you don’t use flat iron carefully.
  • Some of the cheap models of flat irons, iron plates may produce hotspots.
  • They will not add volume to your hair.

Hair Straightening brush

Everyone knows that excessive heat can potentially damage your hair and can hurt your scalp. In fact, for some types of hair, water hotter than body temperature (98°F) needs to be avoided. If you have thin hair or hair that can be easily damaged, hair brush straightener is definitely you should go for. They generally use low temperature of heat than a flat iron. In addition, hair brush straighteners can also be used to add shine to dull hair.

If you search out for a hair straightening brush, you will find three different styles:

  • Detanlging Electric hair straightening brush which is useful for untangle your hair and can easily add shine to them
  • Rotating round swivel cord electric brush that can add volume to thin hair
  • Double Plated rectangle brush useful for curly hair or damaged hair, as it does not heat much by itself.

Advantages of Hair Straightening Brush

  • Works superb for damage hair or thin hair because of the low temperature levels
  • Out of hotspots and reduces the risk that you are going to accidentally damage your hair
  • Adds shine to dull hair
  • Static electricity removal and adds negative ions
  • Easy to manage, as you are just going to brush your hair
  • Used more frequently than flat irons as they are much safer to your scalp.

Disadvantages of Hair Straightening Brush

There are some disadvantages of hair straightening brush as well:

  • Unable to straighten extremely thick or curly or frizzy hair
  • It takes more shots to straighten hair than flat irons because of their heat levels.

Final Words

Now you know that what hair type is yours. What tool suits you and what tool you are going to use for your hair. You have your drawbacks, the right information you needed. Go for straightening brush or flat iron.

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