The brand GHD, a manufacturer of Flat Irons and hair care products, have been so popular since 2001 that many instagramers and influencers no longer use anything else. 

GHD hair straighteners are the best that you can buy to keep your hair straight, healthy and brilliant.

But do you know where the name of this firm comes from? In case you don’t; GHD stands for Good Hair Day.

Today, GHD leads the market of hair straightening products.

GHD Platinum


  • Patented tri-zone ® technology
  • Optimal temperature 185º C
  • Plates 100% Ceramic
  • Smart sensors
  • Security shutdown

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GHD V Gold Professional


  • Sales success
  • Ideal temperature 185º C
  • Plates 100% Ceramic
  • Cooler and lighter body
  • Standby mode

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GHD IV Classic


  • Tilting plates
  • Ideal temperature 185º C
  • Plates 100% Ceramic
  • Rounded barrel for waves
  • European plug 2 in 1

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Each GHD hair straightener comes with a warranty for 2 years, but the shelf life of its products is at least 6 or 10 years without problems.

They are very durable. Therefore, I always recommend them to my clients. I also use them in my hairdressing salon, because they heat up fast at a constant temperature of 185 degrees and my customers are always happy with the result.

If you buy any GHD hair straightener you will have quality flat iron for many years.

Moreover, you will be saving money, since many people who buy a $40-$50 iron claim that they change flat iron almost every year.

In this way, for what they cost-especially if you get a good offer, you can buy without spending much and have a hair straightener for many years that will not damage your precious hair.

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