Mayo is Magic

Mayo makes for an incredible expansion to any sandwich, a solid kitchen fixing, and the key to reflexive, glistening hair. Yes, you read that accurately. Have faith in it or not, washing your hair with mayonnaise is supposed to enhance your strands with oil and make them glossier and shinier as compared to any conditioner. So does slathering your hair with thick mayo truly result in cleaned, brilliant hair, or would it be a good idea for you to simply spare the topping for your subs? All things considered, I washed my hair with the stuff to discover if the rumor is true.

I’m not one to bash far from a beauty analyzation, regardless of how gross or silly it might appear, I have used numerous silly things just to attain perfect hair. Yet, I need to concede that I was somewhat reluctant at working mayo into my hair in the expectations that it would make it gleaming and glossy. I’ve just at any point viewed the item as the ideal spread on my sandwich, all things considered, and unquestionably not the key to flawless hair. However, for the sake of gleaming, beautiful locks, I was ready to give it a shot at any rate.

So this is what happened when I washed my hair with mayo. Trust me it’s worth it.

How to apply

I went to the super market, got myself a fresh out of the box new container of mayo, and picked a day on the schedule to wash my hair with it. A mayo hair wash is unquestionably an odd thing to mark on your timetable, yet I was determined to see whether this theory had hard impact, particularly on my fragile, bunched up hair. I woke up splendid and at a young hour in the morning to apply the wash, to make sure I could track its outcomes all through the day.

I blended a couple of table spoon of mayo in with a few drops of vanilla concentrate (to trim the scent) and reluctantly started applying onto my hair.
The vanilla didn’t do much to veil the serious stench. Over that, it didn’t work into my hair like most items did. Rather, it just resurfaced onto my strands.

I truly needed to work it through from root to tip to get everything secured. It wasn’t a pretty sight, I must tell you. Subsequent to soaking the greater part of my hair in mayonnaise, I wrapped it into a towel and set a clock for 20 minutes. It was the longest 20 minutes of my life.

The second the clock dinged, I began working cleanser into my hair before venturing into the shower to wash everything out. I took a stab at getting into the foundations of my hair and through my strands, however the goopy mayo was denying me from doing much. Also, the mayo blended with the wild hibiscus aroma of my cleanser was completely appalling.


Promptly after taking a shower, my hair felt sleek. Like, smoother than it’s at any point been. It even held a decent sparkle, in spite of being extremely hard to brush and noticing exceptionally even.

I tossed on some scent and prepared for my day, gradually yet calmly sitting tight for my hair to dry normally. Lamentably, something about how my hair was bunching and adhering to my head simply didn’t sit ideal with me.

My characteristic hair is wavy and very fuzzy, yet by early afternoon obviously the mayonnaise was lifting my twists and reducing my frizz. That was absolutely uplifting news, alongside my hair as yet holding a sparkle like it never has. In any case, regardless it looked wet, as though I had recently escaped the shower. It was additionally leaving a slick deposit staring me in the face and on the back of my neck that I was not satisfied about.

By evening time, my mane was basically put to my face. While it was gleaming, smooth, and unquestionably could have been ideal for an up-do style, my normally slick locks were over the heaviness of the mayo. I buckled lastly washed everything out until the point that the substantial oil and the odor were both gone