HSI Professional 1 Tourmaline Flat Iron Review

In a world full of hair straighteners, finding the best one is a big challenge. You need to find the flat iron which suits your hair needs and your budget. Sometimes finding the perfect one can be a little exhausting. We also included it in the list of top 10 best hair straightener. There are different type of hair straighteners available which vary according to the sizes, brands, types and of-course price tags. However what matters most is that you have the perfect hair straightener which lasts for years and is your partner in looking perfectly beautiful. The higher end models of flat irons are generally expensive but more durable and reliable. Although, if you have really tight budget, you can choose smartly by finding the straightener with versatile features. You can have variety of options like Chi, HSI and even Remington; top hair straightener brands which guarantee the one of a kind specification.

Today we have our eyes set on the new HSI Professional Hair Straightener, let’s see what it got.

This HIS professional hair straightener is one of the best that you can avail, it doesn’t work like other low budget flat irons which can make your hair even more frizzy and lame. The frizz by the lower end hair straighteners is because the static electricity of the shaft moves along the hair as the plates come in touch with the hair. The HIS professional hair straightener is nothing like those hair straighteners because it makes the hair even smoother and seals all the moisture inside and uses the modern ion technology to provide shine in the hair.

This straightener is extremely steady in its functions and allows you to save a lot of time which you used to traditionally spend of straightening your hair. You must remember the times when all of your time used to be consumed by the heating up process of the straighteners. You can just plug this one and it heats up to the required temperature in no time.

Let’s discuss the detailed features of this device.

Features of the HSI Professional Hair Straightener

The HSI professional flat iron has the following features:

  • The plates start to heat up as soon as you provide the power.
  • The one touch button gives you a temperature range of 450°F in just few seconds.
  • The design is very sophisticated and it provides the perfect control grip and excellent performance.
  • The temperature ranges from 140°F to 410°F to adjust according to your requirements and styling needs.
  • The floating plates can generally adjust to any hair type.
  • The HSI hair straightener has the ability to perform several functions like straightening, curling, flipping and so on.
  • It has conventional dual voltage of 110 volts and 240 volts.
  • It comes with a temperature control ability while the temperature is constantly shown on the digital LCD.
  • It has a solid 1¼-inch ceramic ionic plate covered with tourmaline.
  • It provides ceramic heat with advanced technology utilizing infrared.
  • It incorporates a swivel power cord with a 360° capacity which helps in preventing against twisting.
  • It has automatic sleep mode and automatic shut off mode.
  • It also includes 7-inch power cord with a built in circuit breaker.
  • This device is fast and provide instant results while it is very convenient to use.
  • It also comes with few extras like heat resistant gloves to prevent your fingers from accidently burning, Argan oil for smooth hair and travel pouch so you can carry your straightener anywhere with total ease.

Pros and Cons

Lets get to the favorite part of everyone, pros and cons of the device. Let’s get to them.


  • The HSI professional flat iron delivers 100% product quality along with the satisfaction because it doesn’t make any false claims and delivers more than what is promised.
  • It can provide you variety of styles within no time because of its efficient performance.
  • It doesn’t even have that odd burning smell which can be sensed during straightening, curling or styling of hair. The hair won’t burn at the high temperature of 430°F.
  • You can use it regularly and it still wouldn’t dry out your hair like most other flat irons do. You don’t have to worry about same problem with this product.
  • It even covers your hair roots and makes sure that your hair is frizz free for a very long time.
  • It also cools down easily so you can just put it back in the pouch after using it.
  • The free bottle of Argan oil can be very beneficial for your hair as it gives the shiny and smooth touch to your hair.
  • The price of this device is very reasonable so you will just end up buying it.
  • The hair would have a professional touch if you do the with HIS flat iron because the results are guaranteed to match a salon quality finish.
  • It has even two buttons which are helpful in resetting the plug as an added safety precaution.


Here comes the big surprise “There is practically no drawback of this product”.

Final words

This is a great product and can be used for various styling purposes. If you have a reasonable budget, then this device is for you. It is not only reliable but durable as well and will be your styling partner for years to come. It has gained a lot of positive reviews from many popular websites and has been featured by top blogs. The popularity of this flat iron is obviously indicating that your money won’t go waste if you buy this HSI Professional 1 Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener.

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