I’ve probably had 10 different hair straighteners in my life, varying and testing all ranges, from the cheapest to some that you could say were ridiculously expensive. I have tried almost everything to have my hair under control. 

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I most enjoy wearing my hair when they are completely straight, but it is difficult to get straight hair that last all day unless one does not leave the room. This makes me have to monitor the doses of heat I give my hair in each session of smoothing, and this has led me to be looking for a new type of straightening iron. Although I’m not sure if I want to find one that promises professional results, or if I want to stay with the one a more affordable price.

The only type of hair straightener that I have not yet bought is one with tourmaline plates, and I am really interested in trying one of these. So I want to present to you what may turn out to be one of my next favourite for my collection of hair straighteners .

All the advantages for an incredibly affordable price

The HSI Professional 1 Ceramic Tourmaline straightening iron has almost all the functions you could want. Its plates are covered in tourmaline. Moreover they are also ion smoothing as well, which makes the hair completely smooth in far fewer passes. The price seems a real bargain, since the vast majority of flat irons that can offer us the same functions are usually found for a price over $150. However, we can find this at a price that is around one fourth of that figure, which makes thinking about incorporating this iron into my collection an attractive idea for me.

Warms up in record time

The HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron hair straightener is capable of heating the surface of your Tourmaline plates at an amazing speed from what I have researched. 

This is something that I love, because it translates into a much faster smoothing which would allow me to win 10 or 15 minutes of sleep in the morning.

It also manages to keep all the heat while you straighten your hair. Many readers with thick hair have told me that they are getting amazing results with this iron.

More FREE additional things and the possibility of taking it everywhere

It comes with a glove and a travel bag. The Tourmaline plate HSI Professional 1 comes with several extras beyond the plate, something that is not usually found with other models. 

With the purchase of this hair straightener you get a travel bag as well as a glove that will help us not to burn our hands when we are smoothing our hair. This is something that has happened to me a couple of times and it is really annoying. I do not like the feeling of burning, and less in my hands, where it hurts me when I catch anything! This makes the idea of ​​receiving the glove, which will serve me for any other iron, very suggestive.

The drawback of hot spots on tourmaline plates

While this hair straightener arrives without problems to reach the maximum temperatures it promises, the disadvantage of the hot spots on the plates of this smoothing plate arises. This means that certain places on the plates reach a higher temperature than others, that is, that the temperature does not apply to our hair in a homogeneous way. This makes us lose control of smoothing, since we will have to give a greater number of passes and we also run the risk of not achieving the same result in all areas of our hair. Anyway, I think that this is something that with practice and knowledge of the iron does not suppose major problem.

One thing that disappoints me is that this hair straightener does not have automatic shutdown, a functionality that I am very fanatical about.

More general information about the HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline

Another thing that assails my mind when I think about acquiring this iron is that it does not have automatic closing, but this is something that you do not have to worry about unless you are excessively clueless or forgetful. It is an incredible choice for people with fine hair or curly hair, and of course it is at a price that is difficult to see in any other hair straightener of a similar range with all these extras and functionalities.