In this review, we will talk about the L’Oreal Steam Pod steam hair straightener. Unlike normal hair straighteners, the L’Oreal Steam Pod does not just heat up, but as the name suggests, it also emits steam that allows you to massage your hair in a more gentle way, reducing the damage caused by heat. 

Extremely powerful, the L’Oreal Steam Pod plate performs the exact functions of the steam plates used by hairdressers with the only difference in the capacity of the tank, which in this case is smaller than the models used in the salons. The anodized metal plates are also very strong and avoid exerting excessive pressure that could ruin the hair and still guarantees a soft and shiny result. 

The filter to demineralize the water ensures pure steam, while the 5 temperature levels from 140 to 210C allow you to use the L’Oreal Steam Pod steam plate on all types of hair from the thinnest and delicate to the thickest and frizzy ones.

The L’Oreal Steam Pod is a high-end hair straightener and comes at a high price.

3 Reasons to Choose the Steam Plate L’Oreal Steam Pod

As the name suggests, the key element of L’Oreal SteamPod is the steam that is released with constant pressure through small holes placed in front of the heating plates. In this way, the hair absorbs the steam and remain hydrated, while the hot anodized metal plates dry and straighten at the same time.

L’Oreal Steam Pod is born from the collaboration between two leading companies in their field: L’Oreal specialized in hair care products and Rowenta is famous for its steam boilers. The Steam Pod, in fact, uses an external boiler with a filter to demineralize the water and it is then connected to the plate.

  • High smoothing power: the synergy between the steam and the anodized metal heating plates allows to obtain a perfectly smooth even on the most difficult and rebellious hair. Particularly suitable for treating curly or very frizzy hair, thanks to its large tank the L’Oreal Steam Pod allows you to smooth even very long and voluminous hair leaving them perfectly smooth and shiny.
  • Moisture-resistant long-lasting: thanks to the use of steam, hair that naturally contains water is hydrated and will not be affected by the moisture present on the outside, keeping the fold much longer without any frizz. Perfect then to get a perfectly smooth even in winter when there is a lot of air in the air and for those who have very curly or frizzy hair.
  • Delicate and does not ruin your hair: the steam released by the Steam Pod thoroughly moisturizes your hair and minimizes the risk of heat damage. Furthermore, this plate can be adjusted to 5 different temperature levels from a minimum of 140 to a maximum of 240C, thus adapting itself to thinner and more delicate hair.

Smooth Perfect and Stronger and Brighter Hair

To further increase the smoothing effect and for further protection and care of the hair, the L’Oreal Steam Pod can be used in synergy with the appropriate L’Oreal products, sometimes sold together with the hair straightener. Among these we find the steam-activated repairing cream enriched with pro-keratin that restores the natural component of the hair fiber while smoothing it, giving an extraordinary fluidity and at the same time protecting and repairing hair from thermal shocks. This cream is available in two versions: one for normal hair not particularly sensitive and a second specific for sensitized and fragile hair. The great advantage of this L’Oreal steam plate is that it perfectly straightens the hair just like the hairdresser, but with very minimal risk of ruining them. So, there is no risk at all if you are using this hair straightener. 

As we have seen, in fact, the Steam Pod performs a moisturizing and protective action that leaves the hair not only perfectly straight but also soft to the touch and extremely luminous.

How to use the Steam Plate in the Best Ways

The only precaution to keep in mind is to pass the L’Oreal Steam Pod on the hair more slowly than with a normal flat iron to allow the steam to act and the metal plates to perfectly dry the hair. The steam will be released as soon as the plate is closed and for perfect ironing, it is advisable to repeat the straightening action for 2 times at least.

After filling the tank of the L ‘Oreal Steam Pod and selecting the desired temperature among the 5 available, wait until it reaches the temperature and then starts straightening. Divide the hair into strands and put them one at a time between the plates of the Steam Pod.

Especially suitable for smoothing curly and frizzy hair, L’Oreal Steam Pod is also perfect for the treatment of fine and delicate hair especially when used in combination with specific curative products. Despite being a really excellent hair straightener, the L’Oreal Steam Pod is a bit cumbersome and decidedly inconvenient to take to travel due to the presence of the tank. Even the size of the plate is average.


After having carefully analyzing the characteristics we can say that, according to our opinion, L’Oreal Steam Pod is a very exceptional steam hair straightener that not only smoothes the hair perfectly and keeps it in the fold for days, but also leaves them soft, shiny and hydrated. The negative note is, unfortunately, the price. However, it is a professional hair straightener that uses the same technologies like those used in hairdressing salons and allows one to maintain one pass perfectly smooth hair without frizz even on the most humid days. With an external tank, filter to demineralize water, floating plates and 5 temperature levels from 140 to 210C, L’Oreal Steam Pod acts in a delicate but extremely effective way on fine and stressed hair and on thicker and more curly ones. 

Taking into account the high price and size we recommend this plate especially for those who have very frizzy and long hair. We do not recommend it to those who are looking for a versatile plate to create curls and curls and to those who travel a lot.