From a mini Flat Irons to larger models with thicker plates. The question is which is the best hair straightener for you.

If you are in the process of buying a hair straightener, you will probably see that there are so many different sizes.

Some of the most popular models of the market are mini flat irons. This means that they have narrower plates than other larger models.

To date, the smallest hair straightener you can buy that offers good results are just over a few centimeters wide.

They are specially designed to make short or fine hair straight.

They can be used by either males or females and you can use as them as a travel flat iron or hair straightener.

Now, I will present to you the best Mini flatirons in 2019. My team has shortlisted these flat irons based on their professional experience and the opinion of several different clients.

GHD V Gold Mini Styler

Without any doubt, in the race of mini hair straighteners GHD V Gold Mini Styler, occupies the first position.

In my long professional experience, I can tell you that I have yet to meet anyone who regrets having invested in one of these mini hair straighteners, not only because of their size and ease of use but also because of the quality offered in the finishes.

If we do a survey among our users, based on actual purchase opinions in the Amazon store, the hair straightener GHD V mini styler is without a doubt the best.

The biggest advantage of the GHD V Gold Mini Styler compared to others in the house is not only that it is much smaller and more manageable, but that it is equipped with ceramic plates with rounded edges of high quality and this makes it much narrower than in the normal size.

This allows you to use them easily in short hair or to make hairstyles marked with minimal effort. Moreover, its design makes it ideal to accompany you on your trips as it takes very less space in the suitcase.

This premium iron gives total freedom of movement when creating imaginative hairstyles or eye-catching ringlets thanks to its cable with 360º rotation.

All GHD plates work at a maximum temperature of 185º

The reason for not exceeding this temperature is that according to studies conducted by GHD, a higher temperature does not contribute to a better smoothing, and it can damage the hair in the process. Its maximum temperature is safe protection for our hair. In addition, thanks to its 100% ceramic plate you can have total peace of mind protecting your hair.

Safety is very important, that’s why the GHD V Gold Mini Styler makes it very easy for you to disconnect automatically after half an hour. 

What I especially like about this premium iron, in addition to its professionalism, is that it is a very comfortable small hair iron, ideal for traveling and offering very high-quality finishes. Because normally, the low-quality mini hair straighteners do not offer results as accurate as the usual sized ones. But in the case of the GHD V Gold Mini Styler, it may happen that you like it better than even your main iron depending upon the model you have!

If you travel from time to time and want to have a reliable professional iron on hand and that occupies little space, this is the ideal travel hair iron.

It is very light and practical!

Where can I buy GHD V Gold Mini Styler?

If I had to look for some inconvenience to this model of GHD, it is its high cost. It is possible to find it in several internet stores for amounts much higher than other brands or even other GHD models.

However, if you need a small premium hair straightener, the GHD V Gold Mini Styler more than compensates for the investment, not only for its results but also for its durability and safety as well as its easy handling.

I definitely recommend it. In my opinion, if you are interested in this type of iron the best thing you can do is buy GHD V Gold Mini Styler.

Remington Pro Ion

Mini Flat Iron
If you have decided to buy a good hair straightener, but you can not or simply do not want to invest in a GHD, I present you a brand that has been creating electric products for personal hygiene for more than 75 years, it offers you a great version much cheaper and that offers a great result: the Remington Pro Ion.

You could say that this hair straightener, takes the silver medal in the competition for the perfect straightening with a small size.

Based on my own experience, on that of my clients and on hundreds of shopping opinions on, it is a remarkable alternative to the GHD brand.

The success of the Remington Pro Ion is based on its triple ion technology specially developed to avoid frizzing and static electricity problems.

Its effectiveness is achieved by generating millions of negative ions that are distributed throughout the hair getting a bright and smooth finish.

I like it a lot because it is quite light, almost as much as the mini hair straighteners.

To achieve a more uniform hairstyle and minimize the pressure exerted on the hair during the smoothing process, it is equipped with advanced ceramic plates with tourmaline finish (a natural mineral that is a natural source of ions) that are also a size larger than the usual reaching 110 mm.

With its new temperature setting you only need 15 seconds to choose from 150 to 230º, you just have to memorize the one that best suits your hair type, it is equipped with a digital temperature viewer that will allow you to keep the temperature under control in every moment

Its automatic security shutdown will avoid unpleasant surprises if one day you forget to unplug it.

Acceptable cost Awesome quality

The best thing about Pro Ion is its quality, especially if we have in mind what it costs. It is true that you can find other cheaper models, but in my opinion, this iron is worth what it costs for the quality it offers.

So if you are looking for quality, this option may be for you.

To put a catch, the only one that I have found in my experience over the past few years, is that while it is heated it produces a slight buzz that can make you think that it is not working properly, but that it is really due to its ionic technology and that is not important.

It is complete and I really recommend it to my clients. It even comes equipped with a rotating cable and you can store it in its heat resistant case, we are talking about a plate that offers you magnificent benefits for a very tight cost.

A small, comfortable hair straightener and a lot of quality.

BaByliss PRO Nano

After the GHD and the Remington Pro Ion, the third place among the best hair straighteners that can be found in the market is the Babyliss Pro Nano.

The first thing that surprises us when we have this iron in hand is that it is much lighter than it seems. This makes it a small hair straightener or mini hair straightener, ideal for traveling.

If at first sight, it can give the impression that it will be heavier than other options of a similar category, this is due to the fact that its floating plates (ceramic) are quite long although narrow (24 × 120 mm), however it is precisely its size allows us to straighten quite large hair in a single pass without having to repeat.

Only weighs 300 grams, is the perfect travel hair straightener

When weighing only 300 grams does not cost anything to handle it and since it also has a rotating cable, it is great for smoothing and making waves. Even being a small hair straightener works wonders.

Another thing that is very noticeable when using this iron is its Sol-Gel technology because it allows straightening the hair without hard friction leaving it very silky and bright, this effect is seen especially at the ends of the hair.

Its ceramic plates are prepared to withstand very high temperatures without difficulty but do not need to climb so much to get a good finish.

If you still want to use it to the maximum power it is preferable that you use a heat protector so that your hair suffers as little as possible.

You have up to 5 different levels from which to choose to regulate the temperature to your liking, from 150 to 200 degrees, you decide the one that suits you best depending on the thickness and curly hair.

The main problem that I have detected is that if you use it for a long time it gets a little hot on the outside, so you have to be careful when handling it.

How much?

Its cost is in line with other models of similar quality, although looking a bit there is always some offer that allows you to find it a little cheaper, which makes it very affordable for anyone looking for a quality plate and not too expensive.

I always advise my clients as a good alternative to the previous alternatives or if you are looking for a comfortable option, ideal for traveling. If you are looking for a good travel hair straightener, I recommend it.

Braun Satin Hair 1 Style & Go

The 5th place among the 5 best hair straighteners that we can find today is occupied by the small Braun Satin Hair 1 Style & Go.

The biggest advantage of this iron is that its small size allows you to take it anywhere(measures 15 cm with a plate length of 6 cm), does not occupy anything in a corner of your suitcase.

But it is not only an essential accessory in your travels because it is so small that you can keep it in your bag without problems to be able to touch up your bangs in the office or anywhere else. It is one of the favorites of which we are more flirtatious and we like to go always perfect.

It is very light but offers many of the advantages of its larger companions. But it is without a doubt, of all these irons, an ideal travel hair straightener.

Obviously, I can not recommend this iron if you are thinking of smoothing a hair that exceeds your shoulders daily, but it perfectly covers your needs for short hair, fringes or retouching.

Being a small hair iron, you can get rid of setbacks without taking up space.

If you travel a lot, one of its best features is that they accept any voltage, so you can use it without having to adjust according to the place in the world where you are at all times.

To keep it comfortably during your travels, all you need is to attach the cap that comes prepared for it in its front part. Always after waiting a few minutes, your things will be protected from the residual heat and the iron from any external agent that could damage it.

To achieve maximum effectiveness your ceramic plates are floating and very smooth, so they slide with great smoothness and contribute to faster and homogeneous ironing in less time. Despite its small size, it can reach a temperature of 160º.

How much?

Its cost is as small as it is, normally. The problem is that it is currently exhausted in many places, so it may be a bit difficult to find it.

It’s a perfect mini hair straightener

In short, its size is its biggest advantage and its biggest flaw. The main advantage is that it is ideal as a second iron (it is a very small mini hair straightener ) to carry it anywhere in the bag, and the disadvantage that with its small size cannot with sophisticated hairstyles or with long hair, so that we will necessarily need a bigger main iron.

If you are looking for a small hair straightener, this one works very well for my clients. You can buy it on offer through Amazon through the following link:

Corioliss Mini

The fourth place among the 5 best small plates that we can acquire is occupied by the Corioliss Mini.

If you travel normally, you will need an iron like this from Corioliss. My clients are delighted, and always use it to travel or take to the pool.

For what it costs, it is an irresistible iron!

This mini hair straightener measures about 15 centimeters and weighs only about 60 grams, which makes it ideal to carry in your suitcase, or even in your bag in your daily routine. We are possibly facing the most suitable travel hair straightener on the entire list.

The Corioliss Mini is a functional plate that reaches the working temperature very quickly.

Among the features, we like most about this small appliance are its dual voltage, which allows it to be used anywhere in the world without worrying about making any kind of adjustment before.

Its technology of ultra smooth titanium plates to achieve an effortless glide and its negative ion technology that is tremendously effective at preventing curling and that is able to reach 200 degrees in less than 30 seconds.

It is equipped with a rotating cable that rotates 360 degrees, which facilitates its use when working with it.

I’m a hairdresser, I appreciate it a lot, and if you’re going to iron your hair a lot, you’ll also appreciate it.

Although as with other options of this size, it is not very practical to use on long or excessively curly hair. However, it meets all our expectations in terms of short hair, fringes or to touch up your hair at any time. Being a small hair iron, you will be able to take it wherever you want.

It is economical

The market cost of Corioliss Mini has not stopped falling in recent months, we have even seen scandal offers in Amazon, which is crazy for a mini hair straightener of these characteristics.

As not everything could be perfect, we have found two disadvantages:

What you could consider if you do not have a larger iron is to buy a promotional pack of the brand in which two models come: one larger for daily and the Corioliss Mini for travel and retouching. This option is also quite good since in any case it does not cover all your needs if you have long hair.

Who needs a mini hair straightener?

If you got here, maybe it’s because you’re not sure if a mini hair straightener is for you or not.

If yes, I invite you to continue reading this mega comparative, since you will find all the necessary information to get rid of doubts.

If your hair does not have a certain length or volume, standard size models can be problematic, mainly because they will apply heat over wider areas than you need to achieve a perfect result.

To avoid this, there are smaller models that provide greater precision, achieving a better result and greater security at the same time.

Next, I present the ones that for me form the TOP 5 of mini hair irons small 2019 according to the results, ease of use, materials, components and of course, how much they are worth.

WhICH size of hair straightener is best for my hair?

We can not talk about the hair straightener as something generic.

In this case, the size does matter and a lot.

In the end, the size we choose has a close relationship with what we look for our hairstyles and satisfaction with the product in general.

The brands put at our disposal different variants with different specific attributes for different hair types or forms of use.

For this reason, it is not difficult to doubt which is the option that you are most interested in buying since we are not only talking about small or large plates but also wide and narrow ones, not to mention, if they are pure ceramic, or it is only a coating, if they are made of titanium or if they have tourmaline.

Due to the varied offer of different sometimes we can feel insecure about benefits are those that suit us.

Normally people are based on the use that is going to give the hair straightener but does not choose an appropriate model for their hair.

Or value the latter, but choose the wrong size. So what size hair straightener suits me for my hair type?

How to choose the size of Hair straightener 

To make the best choice, before starting, you need to have clear the following points:

  1. Length: know that your hair are long, short or of medium length. 
  2. Thickness: If you have thin or thick hair
  3. Time: How much time do you want to use or do you have to comb your hair?
  4. Uses: In addition to straightening, you can use hair straightener for several purposes
  5. Price: How much are you willing to invest in the health of your hair?

Once you have the answers, keep them very much in mind, as they will help you choose the size of iron that best suits your hair as we progress through this practical guide. 

Mini Hair straightener 

The small or mini hair straighteners are perfect for short and / or thin hair, as they are able to reduce the amount of heat with which to work thanks to their smaller plates.

For fine and short hair it is usually necessary to slow movements applying constant heat, which is much easier to do with a small hair straightener.

If you have short hair, you can get any style you can think of with a mini hair straightener because you can get close to the roots of your hair with enough precision to avoid burns thanks to its small size.

Travel hair straightener

These models of reduced size are also an option to be very present to use as a travel hair straightener if you do not have too much space in your suitcase.

Airlines are increasingly strict with the amount of luggage available, so these models are a good choice to save space or if you do not want to risk spoiling your main board

Final Considerations

Once you’ve decided to buy a mini hair straightener, either to use as a travel hair straightener or if you’re looking for curly hair with an iron for a super-defined look, there are still other things you should value as materials, whether ceramic, titanium or some other, the temperature they reach, different manufacturers etc.

I recommend that if you have time, review my super definitive guide where it appears all the necessary information to buy your hair straightener and get the decision right.

Before buying a small hair straightener or any size, make sure you really need it.

The longer your hair, you can use larger models, but remember that the definition of hair will be increasingly difficult as you increase.

If what you are looking for is an “all in 1” iron, normal-sized ones may be the best option unless you have short hair.

If you are interested, I leave a link to my comparison with the best hair irons, where you can see a list of the best models according to the quality they offer with respect to what they cost, or if you prefer this other comparison with the cheap plates what better results have been given in this 2019.

If you want to straighten a super long hair, the bigger the iron, the less effort it will cost you, but if your hair is short, and it will stay that way for a while, you should definitely bet on a mini hair straightener of which we have seen.

Smaller size means greater precision.

Weight and grip

Something that you should also consider before deciding which mini hair straightener to buy is the weight and grip surface of the model in question.

The larger it is, the more it will weigh and therefore it will cost more to use it for prolonged periods, but too light models can also be a problem since according to the models, they can be too fragile and can not withstand a simple fall.

Another thing that people usually do not think about until it’s too late, is the grip surface.

If you can not comfortably hold your small hair straightener, I’m sure you do not want to use it too much when the occasion arises, and if it’s too small for your hand, you run the risk not only of it being uncomfortable but also of burning yourself .

The ideal solution is to bet on the options that the first brands put at our disposal, since they have spent years researching and investing not only in technology but also in ease and comfort of use.


The size of the hair straightener you choose is directly related to the satisfaction you will get with the product you buy.

Even before assessing whether you are interested in a ceramic or titanium plate, you must decide the size that most interests you.

To get the best hairstyles, you need to choose the right hair straightener according to the length and type of hair, as well as your needs when it comes to getting the most professional looks, your manufacturer preferences, and of course how much you are willing to invest.

At first, it can be a bit messy because you have to have many things in mind, but once you know exactly what you need you can be sure that you will never regret your purchase and get a fantastic hair thanks to your new hair straightener.

Unfortunately, there is not an ideal option for everyone, because there are many different hair types and hundreds of factors to keep in mind.

The trick is to do a little research before buying to know which model is the one that best suits your specific needs and characteristics.

As much as possible, assess whether you are thinking of making important changes to your hairstyle, for example, if you have long hair, but you will cut it shortly as this is a key factor when choosing the features you will need to your ideal hairstyle.

As we have already mentioned, these reduced versions are the best when we do not need to help so much of the iron to smooth our hair, if not to give shape to our taste, getting spectacular hairstyles from the first moment.

It is true that it is possible to use larger models to create curls and waves, add body to our hairstyle and give it another style, but unless your hair is too long you will not get as much out as a mini hair straightener Many professional hairdressing plates that you try.

To finish, remember that smoothing or shaping our hair, is something that must be taken very seriously because it can seriously affect our hair health.

For this reason, you should not evaluate products of poor quality because with total security, they will end up damaging your hair.

It is much more advisable to invest a little more in a quality mini hair straightener, since in addition to protecting your hair, you will be buying a product created to last for years, so in the long run you will be saving money.