How to save your colored hair in summer

The harmful effects of the sun on the skin are known, but less is known about the damage that UV rays can cause on colored hair. Here are the essential tips to take care of your coloring on vacation.

Colorful hair and sun are not friendly. (At all)

The scales of colored hair are open so that the pigments can penetrate in depth. That is why your colored hair is more fragile than natural hair. When the sun attacks unprotected manes, UV – especially UVA – causes a partial destruction of these pigments. The color gets tarnished, and faded. Not to mention the harmful effects of salt and sand combined. The salt is great for the scalp since it cleans, but not for the hair, which it dries. We thus have an explosive cocktail that affects the coloring and softness of the hair.

Fortunately, having colored hair does not mean that you should never ever go on vacation. However, it is necessary that you should adapt few tips and tricks, so that the lightening effects of the sun do not cause a drastic change in the coloring of your hair. I would advise you to take stock of the condition of the hair fiber month before departure. If they are too dry, it is advisable to use nourishing care products. Revitalizing and repairing serum, mask with vegetable oils, can help a lot.

How to preserve Your Hair’s Color?

The summer routine is precise. In the morning, one uses his or her usual shampoo, and they usually adapt very well to the colored hair. (Click Here to find some good shampoos that can protect your colored hair) They actually contain a protective UV filter and antioxidants. One can also bet on a nourishing conditioner, in order to clothe the hair before exposure. To protect them well, a strong anti-UV protective treatment is recommended. Afterwards, a balm without rinsing will help to repair the structure of the hair. And the most important one: if possible, exposure to UV rays should be limited. This can be done in number of ways: by wearing a pretty hat, for example: it’s good for the hair, and it’s chic. Why then deprive yourself of it?