Hello ladies and gentlemen, In this article, we will talk about Tyme Hair Straightener. Unlike other bloggers, I am just going to jump in and tell you about this brand new hair straightener.

First of all, you must know that this is not the cheapest hair straightener in the market, so if you are interested in something latest and something which is uniquely superb, then read Tyme Hair Straightener review.



  • Titanium plates
  • Heats up in just 55 seconds
  • Five temperature settings: 300° to 400° F
  • Ionic Technology
  • The device remembers your most recent setting
  • Includes a free heat sleeve
  • Rotating swivel
  • Free one-on-one StyleTYME session
  • Shuts off automatically after half an hour
  • 3-day money back guarantee
  • 1-year warranty

What is TYME iron?

If you do not know what a time iron is, it is a sizeable flatiron that also curls and straighten your hair as well. Therefore you can say that this is two in one product. There are many girls out there who buy separate flatirons and curling iron, so if you buy time, then you can save your money and some space in your cupboard or suitcase as well. Moral with time iron styling hair does not take more than 10 minutes for normal thick hair.

What does the TYME Iron look like?

At first glance, the TYME iron resembles a hair straightener, but it is more significant with a rounded barrel. These rounded barrels are there to help you create curls. Of course, the hair iron can also straighten your hair.